William Campbell Gault Book List

Joe Puma seriesJoe Puma is a tough, no-nonsense private investigator in Los Angeles, CaliforniaShakedown (1953) (written as Roney Scott​)End of a Call Girl (1958) APA: Don’t Call Tonight (1960)Night Lady (1958)Sweet Wild Wench (1959)The Wayward Widow (1959)Million Dollar Tramp (1960)The Hundred-Dollar Girl (1961)Brock (the Rock) Callahan seriesThis is another private investigator Continue Reading

Sue Grafton Book List

Kinsey Milhone seriesKinsey Milhone is a private investigator who lives and works in the fictional California town of Santa TeresaA Is for Alibi (1982)B Is for Burglar (1985)C Is for Corpse (1986)D Is for Deadbeat (1987)E Is for Evidence (1988)F Is for Fugitive (1989)G Is for Gumshoe (1990)H Is for Continue Reading

Tracy Clark Book List

Chicago Mystery seriesThis series features Chicago-based private investigator Cassandra Raines. Raines is a former Chicago PD officer who resigned from the job after being shot due to a fellow-officer’s incompetence.Broken Places (2018)Borrowed Time (2019)What You Don’t See (2020)Awards Broken Places – Finalist 2019 Anthony Award Best First Novel, 2019 Left Award Continue Reading