A Bad Night’s Sleep by Michael Wiley

A Bad Night's Sleep is the third book in the Joe Kozmarski series following on from The Last Striptease and The Bad Kitty Lounge. The series is set in Chicago, Illinois and Kozmarski is a private investigator.

Book Details

Title: A Bad Night's Sleep
Author: Michael Wiley
ISBN: 978-0-312-55224-4
Pages: 272 pp
Published Date: 2011
Publisher: Minotaur / Thomas Dunne Books
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Joe Kozmarski


Publisher's Synopsis

Working late-night surveillance at a luxury condominium development, Chicago private investigator Joe Kozmarski encounters a burglary crew. Two of the crew members show up in a police cruiser dressed in uniform. In the chaos that follows, Kozmarski shoots and kills one of the thieves, who, like the rest of the crew, is one of Chicago's Finest. And just like that Kozmarski finds he’s in for many a bad night’s sleep.

Kozmarski joins the burglary crew, working as an inside agent for his old friend Lieutenant Bill Gubman. Facing dangerous suspicions from both the criminal gang and the uncorrupted ranks of the police department, uncertain about who wishes to help him stay alive and who wishes to kill him, Kozmarski takes his wildest ride yet. A Bad Night's Sleep pushes full throttle through the streets of Chicago to a stunning conclusion.

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Book Reviews

You will find reviews of A Bad Night's Sleep at the following websites.

Amazon.com: "When you think `private detective', you think of a divorced and alcoholic ex-cop, with a plain and unrefined office a few floors up in an old building that drives a beat up car. Well, Joe Kozmarski is no exception. In Wiley's latest mystery, the Chicago detective takes on both the Windy City's finest...and worst." Read the Amazon.com reviews here

Biblioklept: "A Bad Night’s Sleep is a page turner telegraphed in terse, tense, vivid prose. Wiley’s plot and dialogue alike are hardboiled in the noir tradition of Hammett or Chandler, and his characters and pacing bristle with the gritty immediacy one might find in George V. Higgins. There’s a smart brush of black humor to A Bad Night’s Sleep that comes from Wiley’s characterization " Read full review

Curled Up: "Clearly, Kozmarski is no hero. Wiley plays him as a flawed protagonist whose moral structure has already been compromised by personal demons. Doing the right thing makes no difference; " Read full review

Bookgasm: "Entry three in the Joe Kozmarski series, A BAD NIGHT’S SLEEP, shows author Michael Wiley at his down-and-dirty hardcore P.I. best. His terse sentences couple perfectly with the slam-bang action as Kozmarski finds himself in very, very deep trouble right from the stunning opening chapter" Read full review here

Gumshoe Review: "A Bad Night's Sleep is a pumped-up crime drama with lots of car chases, gun shooting and beautiful women in peril. It’s modern noir at its best." Read full review here

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