A White Arrest by Ken Bruen

A White Arrest is the first book in the White Trilogy and features the tough cop pairing of Chief Inspector Roberts and Detective Sergeant Brant. These protagonist cops aren’t your normal police officers…they’re corrupt and just about nothing is beneath them.

Corrupt cops come up against a serial killer in a dark and dirty story that finds the England cricket squad getting picked off. It feels like a police procedural but gets far further down into the gutter than that.

The books that make up The White Trilogy are: A White Arrest, Taming the Alien and The McDead.

Book Details

Title: A White Arrest
Author: Ken Bruen
ISBN: 978-1899344-13
Pages: 164 pp
Published Date: 1998
Publisher: The Do-Not Press
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Chief Inspector Roberts & Detective Sergeant Brant

Publisher's Synopsis

Galway-born Ken Bruen's ground-breaking novel from 1998 is a police-procedural, but this is no well-ordered 57th Precinct romp. Centred around the corrupt and seedy worlds of Detective Sergeant Brandt and Chief Inspector Roberts, A White Arrest concerns itself with the search for The Umpire, a cricket-obsessed serial killer that is wiping out the England team. And to add insult to injury a group of vigilantes appear to be doing the police's job for them by stringing up drug-dealers. And the police like it even less than the victims.

This first novel in an original and thought provoking trilogy from the author of whom Books in Ireland said: "If Martin Amis was writing crime novels, this is what he would hope to write."

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