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Alex Segura is from Miami, Florida and writes hardboiled novels as well as comic books. His detective is Pete Fernandez who is also based in Miami and starts out as a failing newspaper man with a relationship that’s in its death throes and dealing with the sudden death of his father. It’s from here he takes on the role of a PI.

His comic books are critically acclaimed and include Archie Meets Kiss, Archie Meets Ramones and The Archies One-Shot.

Alex Segura Novels

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Pete Fernandez Series

​The Pete Fernandez series are classically hardboiled. They are set in Miami and the dangers of the city's streets are highlighted to give the entire mood a dark and brooding atmosphere. Even in the early stages of the first book you get a great feel for how things are going to go. Comparisons have been made between the Pete Fernandez books and those by George Pelecanos as well as Lawrence Block's Matt Scudder series.

The debut novel and the first in the Pete Fernandez series is Silent City and it opens at a low point in the main character’s life. He is about to lose his job working at a newspaper, his fiancée has walked out the door and his father has died suddenly.

While he’s in the depths of depression and developing a solid drinking problem a co-worker approaches him to ask him to help in tracking down a missing daughter. This opens up a whole new world of danger, fear and loathing. It turns out to be a smoothly paced story that hooks you in and zips along at an incredible pace.

The second book in the series is Down the Darkest Street and it follows on from the vents of the first book, almost as though Fernandez is licking his wounds. As bad as things were going for him in the first book, they appear to be even worse now.

There is a dark and mean feeling about the events of the book and Fernandez appears set to encounter just about every dangerous character in the city of Miami as possible.

By the time the third book in the series rolls around, Dangerous Ends, Fernandez appears to have settled more into the life of a private investigator. That doesn't necessarily mean that things are going to run completely smoothly, but he now has a more complete understanding about what it is that you're supposed to do in the business.​

The case that he takes on this time comes from the daughter of one of the most dangerous convicted murderers in Miami. It’s certainly something that makes him pause and consider his options. His client believes that her father is innocent of the murder he has been convicted of and would like Fernandez and his partner Kathy Bentley to investigate for her.

There is little doubt that hardboiled fans will enjoy and appreciate the work of Pete Fernandez.​