Benjamin Black

Benjamin Black is the pseudonym used by Irish Man Booker Prize winner John Banville when he is writing crime novels. Under the Black name he has introduced the Irish pathologist from the 1950's named Quirke. The inquisitive and brusque nature of Quirke make him an interesting character to follow as he takes it upon himself to investigate the mysteries of the deaths of some of the cadavers he is in charge of at the Dublin city morgue.

Black has warned the reader who is hoping to read these books looking for a satisfactory resolution that they are very likely to be disappointed because nothing is ever resolved. Poor old Quirke is fumbling around without any real experience in conducting an investigation and, realistically, one can't expect to find all the answers if that's the case.

The Quirke series has been very well received with the first book, Christine Falls having earned nominations for both the Edgar and Macavity Awards for Best Novel.

Benjamin Black's Novels

Quirke Series
Christine Falls (2006) The Silver Swan (2007)
 Elegy For April (2010) A Death In Summer (2011)
 Vengeance (2012)

 Stand Alone

The Lemur (2008)