Bill Cameron

Bill Cameron has created the Skin Kadash series of hardboiled crime novels that are both dark and gritty and set in Portland. Kadash is an ex-homicide cop that is haunted by many of the demons that other law enforcement personnel of the genre are also beset with. The books are hard and fast and bordering more towards the noir side of the spectrum.

The series is of a consistently high standard thanks to the effort that has obviously been put in to the characterization of the principal characters. On top of the solid characters are story lines that are compelling and begging to be followed closely. it's not difficult to see why the series and the author has received high acclaim and plenty of praise.

The Bill Cameron books are the types of novels that both the hardboiled and noir fiction fans are going to love and look forward to reading.

Bill Cameron's Novels

Skin Kadash Series
Lost Dog (2007) Chasing Smoke (2008)
Day One (2010) County Line (2011)