Brad Parks

Brad Parks is the author of the hardboiled series featuring Carter Ross who is an investigative reporter in Newark New Jersey. Parks draws on his own experience as a journalist, a career that spanned 20 years, to flesh out and bring to life the Carter Ross character. It seems to be working because fans have expressed their approval by voting for the Ross character in a poll of the favorite amateur sleuths.

To this point the series consist of three books with Faces of the Game taking out the Shamus Award for Best First Novel as well as the Nero Award for Best American Mystery, both of them in 2010. This earned Parks the Honor of being the first author to have who both awards for the same book.

Brad Parks' Novels

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Carter Ross Series
Faces of the Gone (2009) Eyes of the Innocent (2011)
The Girl Next Door (2012) Parks The Good CopThe Good Cop (2013) 
Parks The PlayerThe Player (2014)  Parks The FraudThe Fraud (2014) 

Critical Acclaim

Faces of the Gone - 2010 Nero Award, 2010 Shamus Award Best First Novel
The Girl Next Door - 2013 Lefty Award
The Good Cop - 2014 Lefty Award, 2014 Shamus Award Best PI Novel