Bury Me Deep by Megan Abbott

Bury Me Deep is based on a true crime story, in much the same way as she has done in the past. This time the basis for the novel is the Brighton Trunk Murders and the novel brings to life the 1934 setting with uncanny precision. It is an intriguing story that follows the accused woman's predicament with aching drama and insightful detail. Megan Abbott has a knack for cutting straight through the unimportant dross and placing the reader directly in the life and times of the central characters.

Bury Me Deep was nominated for the Edgar Award, the Hammet Prize, the Anthony Award, the Macavity Award and the Barry Award. It was also a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

Book Details

Title: Bury Me Deep
Author: Megan Abbott
ISBN: 978-1-416-59909-8
Pages: 240 pp
Published Date: 2009
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters:
Publisher's Synopsis

Bury Me Deep is loosely inspired by a famous crime that scandalized the country. In October 1931, a railroad employee at the Southern Pacific Train Station in downtown Los Angeles noticed something leaking from a passenger trunk. Inside, he found the bodies of two young women. The trunk's owner was a young doctor's wife, Winnie Ruth Judd, en route from Phoenix. The two women were her best friends.

A media sensation, the case captivated the country, with tabloids dubbing Mrs. Judd the "Velvet Tigress," the "Blonde Butcher" and, most famously, "The Trunk Murderess." To many, the case appeared open and shut. But the truth, as always, is far more complicated.

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Bookgasm: "But more impressive is the character empathy conveyed by Abbott’s amazing prose. From the very first paragraph, we are tossed into a hypnotic, swirling storm of impressions and events. The dialogue ranges from the repressed emotions of Marion’s polite and proper pronouncements to the swagger of Louise’s cut-loose-kiddo commentaries." Read full review here

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