Hamilton T. Caine Book List

Hamilton T. Caine is the pseudonym of Stephen Smoke. He wrote a couple of books featuring private detective Ace Carpenter who was based in Los Angeles, California.Carpenter, Detective (1981)Hollywood Heroes (1986)

Jack Livingston Book List

Jack Binney seriesThe Jack Binney series is notable for the fact that Binney is a private investigator who is also completely deaf. He lives and works in New York City.A Piece of the Silence (1982)Die Again, Macready (1984)The Nightmare File (1986)Hell-Bent for Election (1988) APA: Hell-Bent for Homicide (1991)

William Campbell Gault Book List

Joe Puma seriesJoe Puma is a tough, no-nonsense private investigator in Los Angeles, CaliforniaShakedown (1953) (written as Roney Scott​)End of a Call Girl (1958) APA: Don’t Call Tonight (1960)Night Lady (1958)Sweet Wild Wench (1959)The Wayward Widow (1959)Million Dollar Tramp (1960)The Hundred-Dollar Girl (1961)Brock (the Rock) Callahan seriesThis is another private investigator Continue Reading

Sue Grafton Book List

Kinsey Milhone seriesKinsey Milhone is a private investigator who lives and works in the fictional California town of Santa TeresaA Is for Alibi (1982)B Is for Burglar (1985)C Is for Corpse (1986)D Is for Deadbeat (1987)E Is for Evidence (1988)F Is for Fugitive (1989)G Is for Gumshoe (1990)H Is for Continue Reading

Tracy Clark Book List

Chicago Mystery seriesThis series features Chicago-based private investigator Cassandra Raines. Raines is a former Chicago PD officer who resigned from the job after being shot due to a fellow-officer’s incompetence.Broken Places (2018)Borrowed Time (2019)What You Don’t See (2020)Awards Broken Places – Finalist 2019 Anthony Award Best First Novel, 2019 Left Award Continue Reading

Robert B. Parker Book List

Spenser SeriesSpenser is a Boston-based private investigator who tends to take his cases very much to heart. Along with his unofficial partner Hawk he is tough and uncompromising and refuses to give in. Through the series he picks up a collection of important underworld allies who both protect his back Continue Reading

Lawrence Block Book List

Evan Tanner SeriesThe series features Evan Tanner who is a government agent who suffers from permanent insomnia. The Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep (1966)The Canceled Czech (1966)Tanner’s Twelve Swingers (1967)Two for Tanner (1967) APA: The Scoreless Thai (2001)Tanner’s Tiger (1968)Here Comes a Hero (1968) APA: Tanner’s Virgin (2005)Me Tanner, You Jane (1970)Tanner Continue Reading

Arthur Lyons Book List

Jacob Asch SeriesJacob Asch is a private investigator based in Los Angeles, California. He is a former reporter who had previously been sent to jail because he refused to give up a source.The Dead Are Discreet (1974)All God’s Children (1975)The Killing Floor (1976)Dead Ringer (1977)Castles Burning (1980)Hard Trade (1981)At the Continue Reading

Joseph Hansen Book List

Dave Brandstetter SeriesBrandsetter is a gay insurance claims investigator working in southern California around the Los Angeles area. The series is considered to be ground-breaking due to the introduction of a gay protagonist in the private investigator sub-genre.Fadeout (1972)Death Claims (1973)Troublemaker (1975)The Man Everybody Was Afraid Of (1978)The Dog and Continue Reading

Kristen Lepionka Book List

Roxanne Weary SeriesRoxanne Weary is a PI living and working in Columbus, Ohio. The Last Place You Look earned a Shamus Award win for Best First PI Novel in 2018 and this was backed up with What You Want To See which won a Shamus Award for Best PI Novel Continue Reading