City of the Sun by David Levien

City of the Sun is the first mystery novel of screenwriter David Levien and is also the first book in a series to feature Frank Behr, a private investigator working in Indianapolis, Indiana. There is a definite intensity in the narrative that is produced by Levien as well as a great deal of complexity from the characters and their interactions with each other as well as the demons that they are trying to come to terms with.

The case that brings Frank Behr to the stage is a missing child case that the police have been unsuccessful in closing. The parents of the boy turn to the private detective in a desperate bid to track him down. The boy's father and Behr team together in a partnership that is both strained but destined to end in mutual respect. This is a very fulfilling story by an author who has been compared to Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane.

Book Details

Title: City of the Sun
Author: David Levien
ISBN: 385523661
Pages: 320 pp
Published Date: 2008
Publisher: Doubleday
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Frank Behr

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This book is the first book in the series. The next book is Where the Dead Lay.

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