Crossroad Blues by Ace Atkins

Crossroad Blues is the first book in the Nick Travers series. This is a private detective series set in New Orleans featuring Nick Travers who is a former NFL footballer who has turned to the private investigator role after an interesting set of circumstances explained in the book. The additional interest in blues music will provide readers with a point of difference compared to other detective series.

The case that dominates Crossroad Blues revolves around a missing person who happens to be a colleague of Travers. The search thrusts him into a dangerous underworld where crime and violence is part of the normal landscape. The humor is sharp and the historical facts that are woven into the story make this a fine start to the series.

Book Details

Title: Crossroad Blues
Author: Ace Atkins
ISBN: 1935415034
Pages: 205 pp
Published Date: 1998
Publisher: Busted Flush Press
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Nick Travers

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This book is the first book in the series with the next book to look for being Leavin' Trunk Blues.

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