David Handler Bibliography

David Handler was born in Los Angeles but moved to New York as a journalist. His early work included a couple of novels outside of the crime genre. He worked as a writer on the TV sitcom “Kate and Allie” and he has worked on other television and movie scripts through the years.

​The most well-known of his mystery series is the Berger and Mitry series. This is actually a cozy murder mystery series set in a small historic New England village.

​These books feature Mitch Berger, a New York film critic and Desiree Mitry, a Connecticut state trooper. They are a mismatched pair who work together surprisingly well. He’s a chubby Jewish widower and she’s a beautiful black woman and, by rights, they probably shouldn’t even know each other, let alone be drawn together. The first book, The Cold Blue Blood was nominated for a Dilys Award.

​His other main series, at least, the other series that has been long-running, is the Hoagy and Lulu series. This features a celebrity ghostwriter named Stewart Hoag who is accompanied by his basset hound Lulu. The 3rd book in the series The Man Who Would be F. Scott Fitzgerald won the 1991 Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original.

​The third series that Handler has been working on is the Benji Golden series. These books feature young Benji Golden who is a particularly attractive twenty-something young man who works in his family-owned private detective business. His youthful looks make him perfect for taking the cases involving young runaways. The series features a range of quirky characters that keeps things on the light side with some offbeat undertones complementing the darker plot lines.