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David Swinson went to California State University where he studied as a film major. But it was his interest in punk rock that he was more interested and he booked and promoted punk rock at Fender’s Ballroom, Melody Dance Center and Bogart's Nightclub in Long Beach, California.

​He has also worked as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC, first in uniform and then in the Gun Recovery Unity as a tactical officer. He has also worked as a plainsclothes / undercover officer before being promoted to detective where he worked with the Special Investigation Bureau/Major Crimes.

David Swinson Novels

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Frank Marr Series

Stand Alone

The Frank Marr series is not your average private investigator series with the main character a high-functioning drug user. He is a former cop in Washington DC and still uses on a daily basis, getting his drugs by stealing from dealers and known stash houses.

The Second Girl (2016) introduces Frank Marr, a Washington DC private investigator who used to be a highly regarded police detective. But he is also a flawed hero because he is a drug addict who keeps his addiction managed by ripping off drug dealers as required.

​The story unfolds when he discovers a girl chained up in the bathroom of a stash house he was ripping off. He rescues her and word reaches another family whose daughter is also missing. She is the second girl from the title of the book and it is her rescue that he agrees to take on.