Dirty South by Ace Atkins

Dirty South is the fourth book in the Nick Travers series. This is a private detective series set in New Orleans featuring Nick Travers who is a former NFL footballer who has turned to the private investigator role after an interesting set of circumstances explained in the book. The additional interest in blues music will provide readers with a point of difference compared to other detective series.

Travers is charged with the task of looking into the loss of $1 million that was conned from an up and coming rapper. Looking for a scam artist in a city the size of New Orleans is not as difficult as it sounds but the danger lies in the fact that the scam artists won't simply lie down and wait to be found. The violence starts to escalate and the danger helps the story unfold into a high-tension and drama-packed ending.

Book Details

Title: Dirty South
Author: Ace Atkins
ISBN: 0060004630
Pages: 384 pp
Published Date: 2004
Publisher: Avon
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Nick Travers

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This book is the fourth book in the series. You can start off the series by reading Crossroad Blues.

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