Earl Emerson

Earl Emerson is a former firefighter and this shows in a good number of his mystery/thrillers. He is now the author of two well-regarded series, the first featuring an ex-firefighter named Mac Fontana and the second featuring Seattle-based private investigator Thomas Black. As well as these two series Emerson has also written stand-alone novels that each utilize his firefighting knowledge to a good degree.

Poverty Bay won the 1986 Shamus Award for Best Paperback and the following books have also been nominated for awards. Anthony Award nominations have been picked up by Morons and Madmen, Poverty Bay and Deception Pass. Shamus Award nominations have gone to The Rainy City, Nervous Laughter, Deviant Behaviour and Deception Pass. An Edgar Award nomination also went to Poverty Bay.

Earl Emerson Novels

Mac Fontana Series
 Black Hearts and Slow
Dancing (1988)
Help Wanted:
Orphans Preferred (1990)
Morons and Madmen (1993) Going Crazy In Public (1996)
Dead Horse Paint
Company (1997)
Thomas Black Series
The Rainy City (1985) Poverty Bay (1985)
Nervous Laughter (1985) Fat Tuesday (1987)
Deviant Behaviour (1988) Yellow Dog Party (1991)
The Portland Laugher (1994) The Vanishing Smile (1995)
The Million-Dollar Tattoo (1996) Deception Pass (1997)
Catfish Cafe (1999) Cape Disappointment (2009)
Non-Series Books
Vertical Burn (2002)  Into the Inferno (2003) 
Pyro (2004)  The Smoke Room (2005) 
Firetrap (2006)  Primal Threat (2008)