Elegy For April by Benjamin Black

Elegy For April is the third book in a series featuring a Dublin-based pathologist by the name of Quirke.

When a junior doctor at a local hospital goes missing Quirke is drawn into the search for her. While he is still battling his own problems with alcoholism he agrees to take on the task and enlists the help of an old friend in Detective Inspector Hackett. The brooding dark mood captures Dublin in the 1950s and continues on this series of books in much the same style in which it started. The plot develops into another introspective search for himself and the pace is steady without ever exploding.


Book Details

Title: Elegy For April
Author: Benjamin Black
ISBN: 0805090916
Pages: 304 pp
Published Date: 2010
Publisher: Henry Holt
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Quirke

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This book is the third book in the Quirke series. The fourth book to look out for is A Death In Summer.

Publisher's Synopsis

April Latimer has vanished. A junior doctor at a local hospital, she is something of a scandal in the conservative and highly patriarchal society of 1950s Dublin. Though her family is one of the most respected in the city, she is known for being independent-minded; her taste in men, for instance, is decidedly unconventional.

Now April has disappeared, and her friend Phoebe Griffin suspects the worst. Frantic, Phoebe seeks out Quirke, her brilliant but erratic father, and asks him for help. Sober again after intensive treatment for alcoholism, Quirke enlists his old sparring partner, Detective Inspector Hackett, in the search for the missing young woman. In their separate ways the two men follow April's trail through some of the darker byways of the city to uncover crucial information on her whereabouts. And as Quirke becomes deeply involved in April's murky story, he encounters complicated and ugly truths about family savagery, Catholic ruthlessness, and race hatred.

Both an absorbing crime novel and a brilliant portrait of the difficult and relentless love between a father and his daughter, this is Benjamin Black at his sparkling best.

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