Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben is an outstanding author of modern thrillers that are often written with a healthy dose of humor ensuring instant engagement with the reader. I have always looked forward to each new Harlan Coben book for the smooth plotting, snappy dialogue and fast pace with which the story unfolds.

Browse through the list of Harlan Coben books that have been listed below in order of publication.​

Harlan Coben's Novels

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Myron Bolitar Series

  • Deal Breaker (1995)
  • Drop Shot (1996)
  • Fade Away (1996)
  • Back Spin (1997)
  • One False Move (1998)
  • The Final Detail (1999)
  • Darkest Fear (2000)
  • Promise Me (2007)
  • Long Lost (2009)
  • Live Wire (2011)
  • Home (2016)

Mickey Bolitar Series

  • Shelter (2011)
  • Seconds Away (2012)
  • Found (2014)


  • Play Dead (1990)
  • Miracle Cure (1991)
  • Tell No One (2001)
  • Gone For Good (2002)
  • No Second Chance (2003)
  • Just One Look (2004)
  • The Innocent (2005)
  • The Woods (2007)
  • Hold Tight (2008)
  • Caught (2011)
  • Stay Close (2012)
  • Six Years (2013)
  • Missing You (2014)
  • The Stranger (2015)
  • Fool Me Once (2016)

You can break Harlan Coben's books down into 2 categories his Myron Bolitar series which is now 11 books strong and his stand-alones, which as at 2016, is 15 books strong.

The Myron Bolitar series features Bolitar, a former almost-NBA basketball professional who now works as a sports agent. This doesn't begin to explain the kind of work he does, though, because Myron has a talent for finding people who have gone missing. A major drawcard in the series is Windsor Horne Lockwood III, better known to readers simply as Win, who has a particular talent for causing extreme violence to those who come up against Myron.

The Myron Bolitar series hooks you from the very start and begs you to read every last darn book, they're that good.

I have always considered the Myron Bolitar series to be very similar to the later books in the Spenser series by Robert Parker or to Dennis Lehane’s Kenzie & Gennaro series. The similarity lies largely in the existence of the “sidekicks” in each series. The dangerous Win brings the same kind of unpredictable violence as Hawk provides for Spenser and Bubba Rugowski for Patrick Kenzie.

​In 2011 Coben began a spin-off to the Myron Bolitar series featuring Mickey Bolitar, the nephew of Myron. The series is aimed at Young Adults and has received Agatha Award nominations for Best Children’s/YA Novel. Mickey actually first appears in Live Wire which was the 10th book of the Myron Bolitar series.

​Harlan Coben's stand-alone books are equally as impressive for their power and unexpected twists that inevitably take the reader through. There is a often repeated theme in each of the stand-alone books that starts off with picking up some kind of unresolved event - the death of a loved one or the disappearance of someone - and then using it to spring surprise after surprise.