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Harry Doran is the author of two crime novels that have received widespread critical acclaim and promise great reading experiences. The books feature an editor who is situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There is obviously something hidden about Loogan and it has a lot to do with violence and trouble in his past which makes this a premise that is filled with some great possibilities. Not only are the stories complex and riveting but the characters are fully realised and complete and make you want to learn more.

Harry Dolan Novels

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David Loogan Series

Stand Alone

  • The Man In the Crooked Hat (2017)

The series that features David Loogan is set in Ann Arbor, Michigan where Loogan is introduced in slightly obscure circumstances, aspects of his past are unclear which gives him more of an air of mystery.

The first book in the series, Bad Things Happen (2009) is about the deaths of people who are connected to a mystery magazine by the name of Gray Streets. Is Loogan responsible or is he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time a number of different times in succession.

The book is a commendable debut and develops in complexity as it goes along. The publishing industry is commented on and there is a sense that the tensions felt between publisher and author have some basis of reality.

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