James Ellroy

James Ellroy is the author a some of the finest modern hardboiled novels. He is the author of L.A. Confidential which was turned into an extremely popular and critically successful motion picture by the same name.

James Ellroy Novels

Lloyd Hopkins Series
Blood On the Moon (1984) Because the Night (1984)
 Suicide Hill (1986)
The L.A. Quartet
The Black Dahlia (1987) The Big Nowhere (1988)
L.A. Confidential (1990) White Jazz (1992)
Underworld USA Series
American Tabloid (1995) The Cold Six Thousand (2001)
Blood's A Rover (2009)
Non-Series Books
Brown's Requiem (1981) Clandestine (1982)
Silent Terror (1986) Hollywood Nocturnes (1994)
Crime Wave: Reportage and Fiction
from the Underside of LA (1999)
Destination: Morgue! (2004)