Jeremiah Healy Book List

John Francis Cuddy Series

Cuddy is a Boston-based private investigator who previously worked for an insurance company but was fired when he refused to sign a false investigation report. He is still getting over the death of his wife who passed away from cancer and spends a lot of his time at her grave talking through his cases with her.

Blunt Darts (1984)
The Staked Goat (1986)
apa: The Tethered Goat (1986)
So Like Sleep (1987)
Swan Dive (1988)
Yesterday’s News (1989)
Right To Die (1991)
Shallow Graves (1992)
Foursome (1993)
Act of God (1994)
Rescue (1995)
Invasion of Privacy (1996)
The Only Good Lawyer (1998)
The Concise Cuddy (1998) [SS]
Spiral (1999)
Cuddy Plus One (2003) [SS]


The Stalking of Sheilah Quinn (1998)
Turnabout (2001)
Off-Season and Other Stories (2003) [novella & SS]

Mairead O'Claire Series (written as Terry Devane)

O'Claire is a lawyer working in Boston, Massachusetts

Uncommon Justice (2001)
Juror Number Eleven (2002)
A Stain upon the Robe (2003)