Joe Gores

Joe Gores is the author of one of my all-time favourite series, the Daniel Kearney Associates series. The books feature the private investigation firm which specializes in repossessing cars and chasing down skip chases. His style of writing was fast and spare with a generous hint of humor that gave it a very approachable quality. A great example of the humorous nature of his writing can be found in 32 Cadillacs in which he shares a chapter of the book with

Gores worked as a private investigator himself and it was from this experience that he drew a lot of his ideas. It also ensured that the books took on a real-life quality.

A Time of Predators won the 1970 Edgar Award for Best First Novel and Come Morning and 32 Cadillacs were both finalists.

Joe Gores passed away in 2011.

Joe Gores Novels

Daniel Kearney Associates (DKA) Series
Gores Dead SkipDead Skip (1972) Gores Final NoticeFinal Notice (1973)
Gores Gone No ForwardingGone, No Forwarding (1978) Gores 32 Cadillacs32 Cadillacs (1992)
Gores Contract Null and VoidContract Null and Void (1996) Gores Stakeout on Page StreetStakeout On Page Street:
And Other DKA Files (2000) (SS)
Gores Cons Scams and GriftsCons, Scams and Grifts (2001)
Stand Alone Novels
Gores A Time of PredatorsA Time of Predators (1969) Gores InterfaceInterface (1974)
Gores HammettHammett (1975) Gores Come MorningCome Morning (1986)
Gores Wolf TimeWolf Time (1989) Gores Mostly MurderMostly Murder (1992) (SS)
Gores Dead ManDead Man (1993) Gores Menaced AssassinMenaced Assassin (1994)
Gores CasesCases (1999) Gores Speak of the DevilSpeak Of the Devil (1999) (SS)
Gores Glass TigerGlass Tiger (2006) Gores Spade and ArcherSpade & Archer (2009)

Critical Acclaim

A Time of Predators - 1970 Edgar Award Best First Novel
Come Morning - 1987 Finalist Edgar Award, Finalist Macavity Award
32 Cadillacs – 1993 Finalist Edgar Award Best Novel
Spade & Archer – 2010 Finalist Barry Award Best Novel