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Josh Bazell writes a series that features Dr Peter Brown, an emergency room doctor in Manhattan, New York.

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Josh Bazell lives in Brooklyn and has an MD from Columbia as well as a BA in writing from Brown University. He also has a website that provides the obligatory write-ups for his novels and these give you great insights into the books.

But you will also find - under the "Sorry You Asked" heading, some videos that deal with some of the more can't-look-away strange aspects of humanity.

The first two books by Josh Bazell have been met with wide acclaim and there is little wonder given the fascinating premise that has been set up.​ The planned series features Dr Peter Brown who works in a busy Manhattan hospital emergency room. Where it gets really interesting is that Brown was formerly named Pietro Brwna and his prior occupation was as a mob hitman.

The mayhem and the comic attitude delivered in these books ensure that the series has been and will continue to be fast-paced and entertaining. At the same time the books contain the danger and action with which we would expect in a hardboiled thriller.​

Beat the Reaper is Bazell’s debut novel and the first in the Pietro Brwna series. It sets up an interesting premise in that Brwna is working as Dr Peter Brown in a hospital emergency room.

In his previous life, one that he keeps hidden for obvious reasons, he was a hitman for the mob and had been relocated under the Federal Witness Relocation Program. Now he has made a great go of going straight and is kicking big goals in the medical industry.

That’s until a mobster with stomach cancer and a few months to live is brought into the emergency room and recognizes Brown. He threatens to out Brown to his bosses unless he gets treatment that can save his life.

What follows is a drama-laced story that intertwines the criminal world with the medical profession in a whole new way.

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The follow-up book is titled Wild Thing and Pietro Brwna has undergone a subtle change to have now become Lionel Azimuth, an on-board physician for a cruise company.

Brwna is assigned to a special boat tour with a billionaire that will be heading onto White Lake, Minnesota to find out whether it’s a mysterious sea creature that is killing people or just a hoax.

All this time he’s still on the run from the mobsters from his past who still want him dead. It’s fast paced and full of technical detail that readers my either appreciate or find distracting.

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Beat the Reaper earned a Barry Award nomination for Best First Novel in 2010 and was a New York Times Bestseller,​ and it is currently in development as a potential series on HBO.