Kings of Midnight by Wallace Stroby

Kings of Midnight is the fifth book written by Wallace Stroby and is the sequel to his previous novel Cold Shot to the Heart (2011). The book features Crissa Stone who is a career criminal motivated by the need to gather together as much money as she possibly can.

Book Details

Title: Kings of Midnight
Author: Wallace Stroby
ISBN: 978-1-250-00037-8
Pages: 272 pp
Published Date: 2012
Publisher: Minotaur
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Crissa Stone

Publisher's Synopsis

Crissa Stone is a career criminal who has pulled a number of impressive heists by knowing how to keep her mouth shut and her temper in check. Still, as good as she is, she wants to get out of the life. All she needs is one last big score, enough to bribe her lover’s way out on parole, set up a safe and stable new life, and get her daughter back. However, things keep going wrong, like when her last two partners lost their cool and fought over the take instead of walking away $150K richer. The mess they made of the job and each other has put her on the run again.

She’s not the only one. Benny Roth, a former mobster, has been straight for years, but now he has his own problems. A face from the past has popped up to tell him that boss Joey Dio is finally dead and to ask about the five million dollars that Joey was rumored to have stashed away years ago. Benny denies knowing anything about it and claims he’s out of the business. That may be what he says, but he’s willing to risk almost everything for one last shot.

With the law and mobsters on the lookout and five million dollars on the line, it isn’t long before Crissa and Benny find themselves on a collision course that neither of them can avoid. This hard-boiled world, where the stakes---and the risks---are always high, unfolds at breakneck speed in Kings of Midnight, another dark and thrilling masterwork of crime fiction from Wallace Stroby.

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Book Reviews

You will find reviews of Kings of Midnight at the following websites. "Wily protagonist Crissa Stone from A Cold Shot to the Heart is back, her mission the same as last time: get enough money together to make sure her long-time lover Wayne Boudreaux can bribe his way to approved for parole at his upcoming hearing in Texas. Crissa has taken whatever jobs get her closer to her goal and sufficient cash for bribes and handling fees, the end almost in sight." Read the reviews here


Mystery People: "Even with its inventive set pieces and sharp action, it’s Stroby’s gift of character and realistic tone that make the book stand out from other heist yarns. He doesn’t give us complex, stopwatch-slick capers." Read full review


Book Reporter: "Like almost all of the people who populate Stroby’s novels, Crissa is a flawed but believable character whose traits stay with the reader long after the last paragraph is read. As always, however, it is New Jersey --- its backstreets and unmarked (or nearly so) buildings --- that remain his most enduring and memorable character." Read full review


Bookgasm: "Make no mistake: It’s great to have an immediately appealing character like Crissa back. Her skills are more than apparent, and her personal code is reminiscent of Richard Stark’s Parker, another professional thief. Plus, the simple fact that she’s one of the few female crime pros makes her somewhat unique." Read full review here


Reviewing the Evidence: "I love Stroby's writing – lean yet suspenseful with a nicely developed plot. There was one rather stupid action on the part of Benny that was implausible, but the remainder of the narrative played out well." Read full review here