Lawrence Block Book List

Evan Tanner Series

The series features Evan Tanner who is a government agent who suffers from permanent insomnia. 

The Thief Who Couldn’t Sleep (1966)
The Canceled Czech (1966)
Tanner’s Twelve Swingers (1967)
Two for Tanner (1967)
APA: The Scoreless Thai (2001)
Tanner’s Tiger (1968)
Here Comes a Hero (1968)
APA: Tanner’s Virgin (2005)
Me Tanner, You Jane (1970)
Tanner on Ice (1998)

Matt Scudder Series

Matt Scudder is an alcoholic living in New York City who earns a living working as an unofficial investigator who takes jobs from people who tracks him down in the bars he frequents. One of the best modern hardboiled private investigator series written

The Sins of the Fathers (1976)
Time To Murder and Create (1976)
In the Midst of Death (1976)
A Stab in the Dark (1981)
Eight Million Ways To Die (1982)
When the Sacred Ginmill Closes (1986)
Out on the Cutting Edge (1989)
A Ticket to the Boneyard (1990)
A Dance at the Slaughterhouse (1991)
A Walk Among the Tombstones (1992)
The Devil Knows You’re Dead (1993)
A Long Line of Dead Men (1994)
Even the Wicked (1997)
Everybody Dies (1998)
Hope To Die (2001)
All the Flowers Are Dying (2005)
A Drop of the Hard Stuff (2011)
The Night and The Music (2011) [SS]
A Time to Scatter Stones (2019) [novella]

Bernie Rhodenbarr Series

Rhodenbarr is a burglar who also works as a New York City bookseller.

Burglars Can’t Be Choosers (1977)
The Burglar in the Closet (1978)
The Burglar Who Liked To Quote Kipling (1979)
The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza (1981)
The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian (1983)
The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams (1994)
The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart (1995)
The Burglar in the Library (1997)
The Burglar in the Rye (1999)
The Burglar on the Prowl (2004)
The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons (2013)

The Burglar In Short Order (2020) [SS]

John Keller Series

This is a hit-man series featuring John Keller who is based in New York

Hit Man (1998) [SS]
Hit List (2000)
Hit Parade (2006) [SS & novella]
Hit and Run (2008)
Hit Me (2013)
Keller’s Fedora (2017)


Mona (1961) APA: Sweet Slow Death (1968)
APA: Grifter’s Game (2004)
$20 Lust (1961)
APA: Cinderella Sims (2002)
Death Pulls a Doublecross (1961)
APA: Coward’s Kiss (1987)
Markham, The Case of the Pornographic Photos (1961)
APA: You Could Call It Murder (1987)
Pads Are for Passion (1961)
APA: A Diet of Treacle (2008)
Fidel Castro Assassinated (1961)
[written as Lee Duncan] APA: Killing Castro (2009)
Borderline (1962, 2014) [short novel & 3 SS]
The Sex Shuffle (1964)
[written as Sheldon Lord] APA: Lucky at Cards (2007)
Warm and Willing (1964)
[written as Jill Emerson]
Enough of Sorrow (1965)
[written as Jill Emerson]
The Girl with the Long Green Heart (1965)
Deadly Honeymoon (1967)
After the First Death (1969)
The Specialists (1969)
Such Men Are Dangerous (1969)
[written as Paul Kavanaugh]
I Am Curious (Thirty) (1970)
[written as Jill Emerson]
Threesome (1970)
[written as Jill Emerson]
The Triumph of Evil (1971)
[written as Paul Kavanaugh]
Sensuous (1972)
[written as Jill Emerson]
The Trouble with Eden (1973)
[written as Jill Emerson]
Not Comin’ Home to You (1974)
[written as Paul Kavanaugh]
A Week as Andrea Benstock (1975)
[written as Jill Emerson]
Ariel (1980)
Code of Arms (1981)
Sometimes They Bite (1983) [SS]
Like a Lamb to the Slaughter (1984) [SS]
Into the Night (1987)
[with Cornell Woolrich]
Some Days You Get the Bear (1993) [SS]
Ehrengraf for the Defense (1994) [SS]
One Night Stands and Lost Weekends (1999) [SS]
The Lost Cases of Ed London (2001) [SS]
Collected Mystery Stories of Lawrence Block (2000) [SS]
Enough Rope (2002) [SS]
Small Town (2003)
Getting Off: A Novel of Sex & Violence (2011)
Strange Embrace & 69 Barrow Street (2012) [2 novellas]
Catch and Release (2013) [SS]
Defender of the Innocent: The Casebook of Martin Ehrengraf (2014) [SS]
The Girl with the Deep Blue Eyes (2015)
Resume Speed (2016) [novella]
In Sunlight or in Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper (2016) [SS]