Lou Manfredo

Lou Manfredo is the author of a gripping hardboiled series featuring what might be considered to be the typical hardboiled protagonist. Joe Rizzo is an NYPD veteran and he has seen most of the worst that can be thrown at a big city detective. Of course it's going to have some kind of effect on him and it is this that makes the character, and consequently the books, such compelling reading.

Manffredo is obviously drawing on his experience from the years he served in the Brooklyn criminal justice system. According to a Library Journal article the Rizzo books will appeal to readers who loved the McBain books which is high praise indeed.

Lou Manfredo's Novels

Joe Rizzo Series
Rizzo's War (2009) Rizzo's Fire (2011)
Rizzo's Daughter (2012)

You can find out more about Lou Manfredo, his books and what he is doing next by visiting him at his website.