Mark Dapin

Mark Dapin is an Australian author who has written three non-fiction books titled Sex & Money, Fridge Magnets are Bastards and Strange Country. He has just released his first novel titled King of the Cross which has been labeled by Andrew Rule as "Violently funny, brutally incorrect, sly and subversive and addictive."

King of the Cross CVR SI.inddKing of the Cross (pub. Macmillan Australia) takes the reader into the heart of Sydney's Kings Cross and straight to crime godfather Jacob Mendoza for a compelling ride through some of the darkest criminal dealings the city has to offer.

This looks very much like a debut crime novel to get your hands on with a mixture of violence and humour that fans of the genre will appreciate as will anyone with an interest in the shady dealings of Sydney's underworld.

There is more to read about Mark and his books and like all good authors he not only has a website but a blog as well and it even occasionally gets updated. You can find more about him by visiting the Mark Dapin website.