Mr Majestyk by Elmore Leonard

Mr Majestyk is more of an action story than the dialogue driven stories that Elmore Leonard fans have become accustomed to. This was originally a movie starring Charles Bronson with Leonard providing the screenplay and it has developed into a fast and entertaining novel.

Book Details

Title: Mr Majestyk
Author: Elmore Leonard
ISBN: 978-0-060-08409-7
Pages: 240 pp
Published Date: 2002
Publisher: Harper Torch
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Vincent Majestyk


Publisher's Synopsis

Vincent Majestyk saw too much death in the jungles of Southeast Asia. All he wants to do now is farm his melons and forget. But peace can be an elusive commodity, even in the Arizona hinterlands — and especially when the local mob is calling all the shots. And one quiet, proud man's refusal to be strong-armed by a powerful hood is about to start a violent chain reaction that will leave Mr. Majestyk ruined, in shackles, and without a friend in the world — except for one tough and beautiful woman. But his tormentors never realized something about their mark: this is not his first war. Vince Majestyk knows more than they'll ever know about survival . . . and everything about revenge.

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Book Reviews

You will find reviews of Mr Majestyk at the following websites. " Unlike Leonard's more recent novels, Mr. Majestyk is much more action oriented than dialogue driven. That is kind of disappointing because Leonard's dialogue is the best. However, his action in this novel is some of the crispest he has written." Read the reviews here

Noirboiled Notes: "Melon farmer Vincent Majestyk cares about nothing other than saving his crop, but then he runs afoul of a local mobster" Read full review

LA Times: "This is the perfect distraction: Who could worry about violence, when the murders and killings and blood and gore in these three novels are presented here with such elegant panache? And finally, this book can be put away on the top shelf with the Hammett and the Chandler novels and the old Graham Greene entertainments." Read full review here

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