Philip Kerr

The following bibliography lists crime novels written by this author. Although the majority of the titles are in the hardboiled genre, not all books will be considered to be hardboiled.

Philip Kerr Novels

Bernie Gunther Series
March Violets (1989) The Pale Criminal (1990)
A German Requiem (1991) The One From the Other (2006)
A Quiet Flame (2008) If the Dead Rise Not (2009)
Field Grey (2010) Prague Fatale (2011)
A Man Without Breath (2013)
Non-Series Books
A Philosophical Investigation
Dead Meat (1993)
Gridiron (1995) Esau (1996)
A Five Year Plan (1997) The Second Angel (1998)
The Shot (1999) Dark Matter: The Private Life of
Sir Isaac Newton (2002)
Hitler’s Peace (2005) Prayer (2014)