Review: Night Tremors by Matt Coyle

Night Tremors continues to follow Rick Cahill who, in the first book in the series worked at the La Jolla Police Department before he was accused of murdering his wife. In this book, he is employed as a private investigator but still carries the taint of a murderer along with a growing number of personal demons.

The book was nominated for a Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel along with a Left Award and an Anthony Award in 2016.

Book Details

Title: Night Tremors
Author: Matt Coyle
Pages: 296
Published Date: 2015
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Series Details: 2nd book in the Rick Cahill series
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From the Dustjacket

Nightmares of the man he killed two years ago still chase Rick Cahill through his sleep. Memories of his murdered wife haunt him during waking hours. His private investigative work, secretly photographing adulterers, paid for his new house but stains his soul.

When an old nemesis asks for his help to free a man from prison, a man he thinks is wrongly convicted of murder, Rick grabs at the chance to turn his life around. His investigation takes him from the wealthy enclave of La Jolla to the dark underbelly of San Diego. His quest fractures his friendship with his mentor, endangers his steady job, and draws the contempt of the police chief who had tried to put Rick behind bars forever.

With the police on one side of the law and a vicious biker gang on the other – all trying to stop him from freeing the man in prison – Rick risks his life to uncover the truth that only the real killer knows. What really happened one bloody night eight years earlier?

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The Big Thrill

NIGHT TREMORS is Matt Coyle’s second novel in the Rick Cahill series. His first novel in the series, YESTERDAY’S ECHO, took home the Anthony Award for Best First Novel, San Diego Book Award for Best Published Mystery, and the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Silver Award.

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Publisher's Weekly

In Anthony Award–winner Coyle’s extremely dark sequel to 2013’s Yesterday’s Echo, Rich Cahill, a La Jolla, Calif., PI stuck doing such lowly jobs as photographing adulterous spouses, is drawn to the case of Randall Eddington. Imprisoned in San Quentin eight years earlier, at age 18, for the brutal murder of his parents and sister, Randall may get a new trial if fresh evidence can be verified. The investigation is complicated by the involvement of a vicious biker gang...Read Full Review

Library Journal

Coyle doesn't disappoint in this sophomore entry after the Anthony Award-winning Yesterday's Echoes. In this tale we find all the elements that garnered the first book such high praise: complex characters, snappy dialog, a fast-paced plot, and a clever blending of crime noir tropes with today's culture. The gods seem to take delight in persecuting Rick Cahill, but readers will relish this fast-paced and complex whodunit...Read Full Review

Fresh Fiction

Working for his mentor at La Jolla Investigations after losing his job as a cop, PI Rick Cahill is one of the best "peepers" in San Diego, but he wants to do something other than taking bedroom pics of cheaters. Still troubled by his wife's unsolved murder years ago, which some still believe he was responsible for, Rick is intrigued when attorney Timothy Buckley, an old acquaintance, requests his help with an unusual investigation...Read Full Review

GoodReads Reviews

"Retired from the police force, after being charged and acquitted of his wife’s murder, Rick Cahill is now making good money working as a PI snooping on spouses cheating on their partners. Although work is plentiful and the job is safe, he’s more than a little bored and agrees to freelance on a case looking into a man, Randall Eddington, possibly wrongly acquitted of murdering his parents and sisters eight years ago...."

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Amazon Reviews

"Coyle has a sure sense of plotting and brings so much life to the setting, San Diego, that it feels like one of the characters. The story takes Rick to some of the darker sides of humanity and more than once I found myself muttering, "Don't do it, don't do it, Rick." But he always did..."

At the time of writing there are 121 reviews posted to the Amazon website for an average of 4.3/5 stars. You can read these reviews by visiting the Amazon website.

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