Rizzo’s Daughter by Lou Manfredo

Rizzo's Daughter by Lou Manfredo is the third book in the NYPD police detective series featuring Joe Rizzo. The earlier two books are titled Rizzo's War and Rizzo's Fire. Rizzo is getting ever closer to retirement but with his daughter joining the force he feels it necessary to guide her along the way.

This is a series fans of the classic police procedural are going to love thanks to the realistic way in which the characters and plot are treated. Some may have some trouble with the slang terminaology that is used, however it is the kind of thing that soon becomes easier to understand.

Book Details

Title: Rizzo's Daughter
Author: Lou Manfredo
ISBN: 978-0-312-53807-1
Pages: 304 pp
Published Date: 2012
Publisher: Minotaur
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Joe Rizzo

Publisher's Synopsis

Brooklyn cop Joe Rizzo---“the most authentic cop in contemporary crime fiction” (starred review Kirkus Reviews)---is ready to retire and spend the rest of his days with his wife, doting on their grown-up girls. But when his youngest daughter, Carol, decides to follow her dad onto the force, Joe decides to stay on until she’s settled, calling in favors to get her assigned to the easiest house, the best training officer—anything to protect his baby girl.

While there, of course, he’s still working a few cases, though he never would’ve guessed that one of them would be the most sensational case of his career, the murder of mob boss Louie Quattropa. If mob wars were the worst of his problems, he could handle that, but with a daughter on patrol, Joe knows all too well what dangers await her and what little he can do about them.

With an authentic voice and breathtakingly accurate portrayal of police work, Lou Manfredo’s novels have won wide acclaim, and Rizzo’s Daughter raises the bar to a whole new level.

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Book Reviews

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Amazon.com: "Rizzo is a Brooklyn NY career police officer who is ready to retire. Throughout his career he has managed to stay on the right side of the law, though just barely, and to keep his self respect. His daughter has decided to follow in his career footsteps, so before he retires, he wants to see her established in the police force. He uses his contacts to find her a 'safe' job with a good, experienced cop for her first rookie assignment." Read the Amazon.com reviews here


Dilatory Bibliophile: "As a procedural, I think this book works pretty well. It follows an older detective (Rizzo) as well as a complete rookie (the titular daughter), so you get a taste of the different kinds of cases each might work. I don’t doubt that this aspect of the novel is fairly realistic, and for those who enjoy reading just this kind of detective novel, it won’t disappoint." Read full review


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