Road Dogs by Elmore Leonard

Book Details

Title: Road Dogs
Author: Elmore Leonard
ISBN: 978-0-061-73314-7
Pages: 262 pp
Published Date: 2009
Publisher: William Morrow
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled


Publisher's Synopsis

Jack Foley and Cundo Rey are road dogs: trusted jailhouse comrades watching each other's back. They're so tight, Cundo's using his own money and his shark lady lawyer to get Foley's sentence reduced from thirty years to three months. And when Jack gets out, the wealthy Cuban criminal wants him to stay in Cundo's multimillion dollar Venice Beach house—right across from the one where Cundo's common-law wife, professional psychic Dawn Navarro, resides.

There will certainly be some payback expected, though Jack can't figure out what. Sexy Dawn's intentions are a lot clearer. But Cundo's coming home earlier than anticipated, and Jack smells a double-cross cooking—the kind that could turn a road dog into road kill.

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Book Reviews

You will find reviews of Road Dogs at the following websites. "As usual, Leonard adroitly moves the story forward through realistic, at times quirky, dialogue and the inner thoughts of some pretty wacky people. He excels at delivering entertaining scenes of duplicity and complicity among characters on the wrong and right side of the law." Read the reviews here.

Blog Critics: "In Road Dogs, Leonard brings back three of his most memorable characters. Jack Foley is a bank robber from Out of Sight, and he even manages a cameo of Karen Sisco, the U.S. Marshal that brought him down." Read full review

Onyx Reviews: "The book is mostly about dishonor among thieves, and it's not clear for most of it who will out-con who, and who will survive. Despite the book's dark sense of humor, the characters are playing for keeps, and not all of them will make it to the final page." Read full review

Pajiba: "Road Dogs is a stylish crime novel that is probably better with a little pre-reading. Not a good book if you’re new to Elmore Leonard, though." Read full review here

It's Either Sadness or Eurphoria: "When this book was on, it was great; sadly, though, it isn't always firing on all cylinders. And while Foley and Dawn's characters are tremendously layered, I felt as if many of the supporting characters, including Cundo and Foley's FBI nemesis, Lou Adams, were a little more stereotypical." Read full review here

Washington Post: "None of these characters is to be trusted. Each is motivated by some mixture of greed and lust -- with a bit of stupidity often added -- and the novel unfolds as a masterpiece of duplicity." Read full review here

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