Rob Kantner

Rob Kantner's novels feature Ben Perkins, a former union strike buster who has become a private investigator in Detroit Michigan. Since the character and the series has been written it has received numerous award nominations and has picked up the Shamus Award three times for The Back-Door Man, Dirty Work and Hell's Only Half Full.

Kantner's novels were all released as paperback originals and although this marks his work only as unusual in the style of book that was available, it also meant that his novels were accessible to everyone.


Rob Kantner's Novels


The Back-Door Man (1986)
The Harder They Hit (1987)


Dirty Work (1988)


Hell's Only Half Full (1989)


Made In Detroit (1990)


The Thousand-Yard Stare (1991)


The Quick and the Dead (1992)


The Red, White and Blues (1993)


Concrete Hero (1994)


Trouble Is What I Do (2005)


Final Fling (2008)