Robert B. Parker Book List

Spenser Series

Spenser is a Boston-based private investigator who tends to take his cases very much to heart. Along with his unofficial partner Hawk he is tough and uncompromising and refuses to give in. Though the series he picks up a collection of important underworld allies who both protect his back and help close his cases. This is a hardboiled series that many critics believe is one of the best in the sub-genre.

After Robert Parker's death the series was continued by Ace Atkins.

The Godwulf Manuscript (1973)
God Save the Child (1974)
Mortal Stakes (1975)
Promised Land (1976)
The Judas Goat (1978)
Looking for Rachel Wallace (1980)
Early Autumn (1981)
A Savage Place (1981)
Ceremony (1982)
The Widening Gyre (1983)
Valediction (1984)
A Catskill Eagle (1985)
Taming a Sea-Horse (1986)
Pale Kings and Princes (1987)
Crimson Joy (1988)
Playmates (1989)
Stardust (1990)
Pastime (1991)
Double Deuce (1992)
Paper Doll (1993)
Walking Shadow (1994)
Thin Air (1995)
Chance (1996)
Small Vices (1997)
Sudden Mischief (1998)
Hush Money (1999)
Hugger Mugger (2000)
Potshot (2001)
Widow’s Walk (2002)
Back Story (2003)
Bad Business (2004)
Cold Service (2005)
School Days (2005)
Hundred-Dollar Baby (2006) 
APA: Dream Girl (2006)
Now and Then (2007)
Rough Weather (2008)
Chasing the Bear: A Young Spenser Novel (2009)
The Professional (2009)
Painted Ladies (2010)
Sixkill (2011)
Silent Night (2013)

Jesse Stone series

This is a police procedural series featuring Jesse Stone who is a police chief in Paradise, Massachusetts

Night Passage (1997)
Trouble in Paradise (1998)
Death in Paradise (2001)
Stone Cold (2003)
Sea Change (2006)
Blue Screen (2006)
High Profile (2007)
Stranger in Paradise (2008)
Night and Day (2009)
Split Image (2010)

Sunny Randall series

Sunny Randall is a private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts. This series has been continued by Mike Lupica

Family Honor (1999)
Perish Twice (2000)
Shrink Rap (2002)
Melancholy Baby (2004)
Blue Screen (2006)
High Profile (2007)
Spare Change (2007)
Split Image (2010)

Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe series

Robert Parker completed the unfinished manuscript of Poodle Springs and then wrote the sequel to The Big Sleep

Poodle Springs (1989)
Perchance to Dream (1991)

Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch series

This series features a couple of lawmen in the Old West. The series was continued by Robert Knott.

Appaloosa (2005)
Resolution (2008)
Brimstone (2009)
Blue-Eyed Devil (2010)


Wilderness (1979)
All Our Yesterdays (1994)
Double Play (2004)
Edenville Owls (2007)
The Boxer and the Spy (2008)