Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby by Ace Atkins

Lullaby is the first book by Ace Atkins that has been written as part of the Spenser series that was written by Robert B. Parker. After his death the Parker family chose Atkins to continue on the Spenser series, a job that he has performed with great success with this book. Lullaby looks and feels for all the world as though it has come straight from the mind of Parker. This is great news for fans of the Spenser series and should be considered to be a vital part of the series.

Book Details

Title: Lullaby
Author: Ace Atkins
ISBN: 0399158030
Pages: 320 pp
Published Date: 2012
Publisher: Putnam
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Spenser

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This book is part of the Spenser series that was made famous (and popular) by author Robert B. Parker.

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