Steve Brewer

Steve Brewer has written hardboiled crime novels in the form of a private investigator series featuring Bubba Mabry as well as a second short series that centers around Drew Gavin, a sports columnist. In both cases the books are set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. in more recent times Brewer has produced a number of non-series books.

To change things up slightly he has created a new series e-books under the name Max Austin. The books are also set in Albuquerque and are tightly written and stark in their form as well as being particularly gritty.

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Steve Brewer Novels

Bubba Mabry Series
Brewer Lonely Street Lonely Street (1994)
Brewer Baby FaceBaby Face (1995)
Brewer Witchy WomanWitchy Woman (1996) Brewer Shaky GroundShaky Ground (1997) 
Brewer Dirty PoolDirty Pool (1999) Brewer Crazy LoveCrazy Love (2001)
Brewer Sanity ClauseSanity Clause (2004)
Brewer Monkey ManMonkey Man (2006)
Drew Gavin Series
Brewer End RunEnd Run (2000) Brewer Cheap ShotCheap Shot (2002)
Brewer BulletsBullets (2003) Brewer Fools ParadiseFool's Paradise (2003)
Brewer BoostBoost (2004) Brewer Bank JobBank Job (2005)
Brewer WhipsawWhipsaw (2006) Brewer CutthroatCutthroat (2007)
Brewer FirepowerFirepower (2010) Brewer A Box of PandorasA Box of Pandoras (2012)
Written as Max Austin
Austin Duke City SplitDuke City Split (2014) Austin Duke City HitDuke City Hit (2014)
Austin Duke City DesperadoDuke City Desperado (2015)


In addition to his own novels, Steve brewer has participated in the creation of 2 e-book box sets in which 5 books from 5 different authors have provided a full length novel. The box sets are titled Die Laughing: 5 Comic Crime Novels and Die Laughing 2: Five More Comic Crime Novels and the other authors who have particpated are Ben Rehder, Paul Levine, Bill Fitzhugh and Parnell Hall. Brewer's contributions are as follows:

e-Book Box Sets
Lost Vegas (2014) Calabama (2014)

Critical Acclaim

Monkey Man - 2007 Finalist Lefty Award