The End Of Everything by Megan Abbott

The End of Everything may not be the type of mystery for everybody because it deals with the very difficult subject of child abduction. The story is told from the perspective of Lizzie Hood, a thirteen year old whose best friend has disappeared. It is the type of story that slowly builds towards an exciting conclusion that works because of the twists and secrets that are revealed along the way.

Book Details

Title: The End Of Everything
Author: Megan Abbott
ISBN: 978-0-316-09782-6
Pages: 272 pp
Published Date: 2011
Publisher: Reagan Arthur Books
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Lizzie Hood


Publisher's Synopsis

Thirteen-year old Lizzie Hood and her next door neighbor Evie Verver are inseparable. They are best friends who swap bathing suits and field-hockey sticks, and share everything that's happened to them. Together they live in the shadow of Evie's glamorous older sister Dusty, who provides a window on the exotic, intoxicating possibilities of their own teenage horizons. To Lizzie, the Verver household, presided over by Evie's big-hearted father, is the world's most perfect place.

And then, one afternoon, Evie disappears. The only clue: a maroon sedan Lizzie spotted driving past the two girls earlier in the day. As a rabid, giddy panic spreads through the Midwestern suburban community, everyone looks to Lizzie for answers. Was Evie unhappy, troubled, upset? Had she mentioned being followed? Would she have gotten into the car of a stranger?

Lizzie takes up her own furtive pursuit of the truth, prowling nights through backyards, peering through windows, pushing herself to the dark center of Evie's world. Haunted by dreams of her lost friend and titillated by her own new power at the center of the disappearance, Lizzie uncovers secrets and lies that make her wonder if she knew her best friend at all.

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Book Reviews

You will find reviews of The End of Everything at the following websites. "Megan Abbott has written a book that explores the frightening dark side of adolescence, regarding sexuality and what is the end of innocence. The truth is that when we lose our innocence, we lose our childhood. " Read the reviews here


Mysteries in Paradise: "Some might argue that THE END OF EVERYTHING is not really crime fiction. When Evie disappears no-one is sure that a crime has been committed, although the longer she is gone, the more likely it seems that she has been abducted. The question of planned sexual abuse is raised. There's plenty of mystery though and, in the end, the reader can't be sure he knows he/she has all the answers." Read full review


Jenny's Books: "Have you ever had the experience of reading a book and being sure throughout most of the book that you know what’s going on, and then you get to the end and you realize that you actually have no idea if you really know what the author is talking about? That was my experience with The End of Everything." Read full review


Reactions To Reading: "I really would not classify this as crime fiction but I don’t mean that as a criticism in any way, I simply think it has wider appeal and really follows none of the conventions or tropes of the genre. If it were a book written by someone who wasn’t already identified as a crime writer I think this would more easily have slipped neatly into a general or literary fiction category." Read full review here


Book Geeks: "The greatest strength of this book is the suspense and tension that is created. I read its 246 pages in three sittings, but if time had permitted, I would probably not have put it down at all once I had started. " Read full review here

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