The Silver Swan by Benjamin Black

The Silver Swan is the second book in a series featuring a Dublin-based pathologist by the name of Quirke.

As a pathologist Quirke is occasionally asked to look the other way when it comes to circumstances surrounding a person's death and anything out of the norm is enough to raise the suspicions of the man. The pleas of an old friend to Quirke that he not perform an autopsy on the friend's dead wife can't be ignored and Quirke finds himself investigating the events leading up to her death.


Book Details

Title: The Silver Swan
Author: Benjamin Black
ISBN: 0805081534
Pages: 304 pp
Published Date: 2008
Publisher: Henry Holt
Sub-Genre: Hardboiled
Main Characters: Quirke

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This book is the second book in the Quirke series. The third book to look out for is Elegy For April.

Publisher's Synopsis

It has been two years since the events of Christine Falls, the bestselling novel that introduced the world to an irascible Dublin pathologist named Quirke. Quirke's beloved Sarah has died, his surrogate father lies paralyzed by a stroke, and he’s been sober for half a year. When a near-forgotten acquaintance asks him to cover up his beautiful young wife’s apparent suicide, Quirke knows he should stay clear, for the sake of his sobriety and his peace of mind. But his old itch is irresistible, and before long he is probing further into the circumstances of Deidre Hunt’s death, into a web of drugs and illicit sex that may have snared his own daughter, Phoebe. With its vivid, intense evocation of 1950s Dublin, and intricate, psychologically complex storyline, The Silver Swan is "even more engrossing than last year’s Christine Falls" (Entertainment Weekly).

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