Thomas Perry

Thomas Perry is the author of hardboiled thrillers that feature a range of different highly skilled professionals whose specialties lie far from what might be considered the mainstream.

His first series is the Butcher's Boy series that features an anonymous hit-man named Michael Schaeffer. The Jane Whitefield series concetrates on a native American woman who helps people disappear. A third series revolves around a retired LAPD homicide detective by the name of Jack Till who is a private investigator.

Added to the series novels, Perry has also written a number of very strong stand-alone novels.

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Thomas Perry Novels

Butcher's Boy Series
Perry Butchers BoyThe Butcher's Boy (1982)
Perry Sleeping DogsSleeping Dogs (1992)
Perry The InformantThe Informant (2011)
Jane Whitefield Series
Perry Vanishing ActVanishing Act (1995) Perry Dance For the DeadDance for the Dead (1996)
Perry Shadow WomanShadow Woman (1997) Perry The Face-ChangersThe Face-Changers (1998)
Perry Blood MoneyBlood Money (1999) Perry RunnerRunner (2009)
Perry Poison FlowerPoison Flower (2012) Perry A String of BeadsA String of Beads (2015)
Jack Till Series
Perry SilenceSilence (2007) Perry The BoyfriendThe Boyfriend (2013)
Perry Metzgers DogMetzger's Dog (1983) Perry Big FishBig Fish (1985)
Perry IslandIsland (1987) Perry Death BenefitsDeath Benefits (2001)
Perry PursuitPursuit (2001) Perry Dead AimDead Aim (2002)
Perry nightlifeNightlife (2006) Perry FidelityFidelity (2008)
Perry StripStrip (2010) Forty Thieves (2016)
The Old Man (2017)

Critical Acclaim

Butcher's Boy - 1983 Edgar Award for Best First Novel, Finalist 1982 New Blood Dagger Award
Dance For the Dead - Finalist 1997 Barry Award for Best Novel and 1987 Dilys Award
The Informant - 2012 Barry Award for Best Thriller and Finalist 2011 Hammett Prize