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Tubby Dubonnet Series

Tony Dunbar has been writing since an early age with his first book being published when he was 19 years of age. Like the main protagonist of his books he is a lawyer living in New Orleans. The Tony Dunbar books are more than a simple legal thriller series, they are rich in humor and highlight many of the culinary delights that are available from the city of New Orleans.

As well as his crime fiction he has written non-fiction books about the South and civil rights.

The Tubby Dubonnet Series

​The Tubby Dubonnet series features a New Orleans lawyer who believes the best things in life should be enjoyed. At the same time he works for colorful clientele that never ceases to surprise and delight.

​According to Tony, the main character of the Tubby Dubonnet series is the city of New Orleans and the reader should delight in the descriptions of the atmosphere of the city along with the food and music for which the place is known. Tubby himself is not a fat man, he's a former jock and is just big.

Crooked Man (1994) introduces Dubonnet to us and we immediately get the picture that this is a lawyer who enjoys his food, loves to be out fishing and doesn’t mind a bet from time to time.

​He also deals with an eclectic array of clients that appear to be representative of the entire Orleans Parish. One of his clients is a nightclub manager who has been caught moving marijuana on a shrimp boat. The man entrusts Tubby with a gym bag before being killed. The problem is, the content of the bag is the new source of all of his troubles.

​The sixth book in the series, Lucky Man, has earned Dunbar nominations for the Edgar Award and the Anthony Award in the Best Paperback Original category. The story finds a judge who is clearly being set up by the D.A. enough of a motivating factor to kick Tubby into gear. 

The hurricane that devastated New Orleans is clearly the main focus of the 7th book in the series, Tubby Meets Katrina (2006). The book marks a return to the series after a 7 year hiatus and it earned a lot of positive comment and review.

A further break of 9 years were to ensue before the release of the 8th book in the series, Night Watchman (2015) and it has quickly been followed by Fat Man Blues (2016) to keep the series alive and kicking.​