Trophy Hunt by C.J. Box

Book Details

Title: Trophy Hunt
Author: C.J. Box
ISBN: 978-0-399-15200-8
Pages: 323 pp
Published Date: 2004
Publisher: Putnam
Sub-Genre: Thriller

This is the fourth book in the acclaimed Joe Pickett series featuring the Wyoming game warden. At the time of adding this entry the books has 34 customer reviews on and the star rating is at 4 stars.

Publisher's Synopsis

Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett's daughter, Sheridan, is having nightmares of impending doom. Joe finds an elk that has been mutilated, but not disturbed by predators, and notices an uncanny shift in the atmosphere. He also notices a large grizzly bear print. He enlists the aide of his friend, Nate Romanowski, and they embark on an investigation that involves three murders, possible aliens, two AWOL soldiers, FBI agents, oil and mineral rights and ranches, and a battle between good and evil.

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