Wallace Stroby

Wallace Stroby writes hard hitting and compelling novels that are sharp and intense and just the kind of thing any hard boiled fiction reader is going to eat up with a spoon.

His first two books feature former New Jersey state trooper Harry Rane who leads a quiet life except when helping his friends out of tough situations.These are the kinds of tough situations that lead to other situations that can be life threatening.

The books in the Crissa Stone series features a lead character on the other side of the law. Crissa Stone is a career criminal and she is definitely a professional. Her work inevitably makes her the focus of some very lethal enemies and puts the reader on the other side of the ledger as far as protagonists are concerned.

Stroby's first novel, The Barbed-Wire Kiss earned a nomination for the Barry Award for Best First Novel and this has been followed up with more high quality books.

Wallace Stroby's Novels

Harry Rane Series
The Barbed-Wire Kiss (2004) The Heartbreak Lounge (2005)
Crissa Stone Series
Cold Shot to the Heart (2011) Kings of Midnight (2012)
Stand Alone
Gone 'Til November (2010)

You can find out more about Wallace Stroby, his books and any upcoming events by visiting him at his website.