William Campbell Gault Book List

Joe Puma series

Joe Puma is a tough, no-nonsense private investigator in Los Angeles, California

Shakedown (1953) (written as Roney Scott​)
End of a Call Girl (1958) 
APA: Don’t Call Tonight (1960)
Night Lady (1958)
Sweet Wild Wench (1959)
The Wayward Widow (1959)
Million Dollar Tramp (1960)
The Hundred-Dollar Girl (1961)

Brock (the Rock) Callahan series

This is another private investigator series, but in this case, Brock is a former professional football player in Los Angeles, California 

Ring Around Rosa (1955) APA: Murder in the Raw (1956)
Day of the Ram (1956)
The Convertible Hearse (1957)
Come Die with Me (1959)
Vein of Violence (1961)
County Kill (1962)
Dead Hero (1963)
The Bad Samaritan (1980)
The Cana Diversion (1980)
Death in Donegal Bay (1984)
The Dead Seed (1985)
The Chicano War (1986)
Cat and Mouse (1988)
Dead Pigeon (1992)


Don't Cry for Me (1952)
The Bloodstained Bokhara (1953)
The Bloody Bokhara (1953)
The Canvas Coffin (1953)
Blood On the Boards (1954)
Run, Killer, Run (1955)
Fair Prey (1956)
(as by Will Duke)
Square in the Middle (1957)
Death Out of Focus (1959)
Quarterback Gamble (1970)
Checkered Flag (1971)
Dirt Track Summer (1971)
Thunder Road (1971)
Wild Willie, Wide Receiver (1974)
Gasoline Cowboy (1974)
Showboat in the Backcourt (1976)
Cut-Rate Quarterback (1977)
Thin Ice (1978)
The Sunday Cycles (1979)
Super Bowl Bound (1980)