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Arthur Gask Book List


b. 1872 - d. 1951. Born in London where he trained as a dentist before coming to Australia and combining his profession with authorship. In 1933 he retired from his dental practice to a farm at Burra, SA, where he devoted himself to writing.

Stand Alone

The Secret of the Sandhills (1921)
The Red Paste Murders (1924)
The Secret of the Garden (1924)
Cloud the Smiter (1926)
The Dark Highway (1928)
The Lonely House (1929)
The Shadow of Larose (1930)
The House on the Island (1932)
Gentlemen of Crime (1932)
The Judgment of Larose (1934)
The Hidden Door (1934)
The Poisoned Goblet (1935)
The Hangman's Knot (1936)
The Master Spy (1937)
The Night of the Storm (1937)
The Grave Digger of Monk's Arden (1938)
The Fall of a Dictator (1939)
The Vengeance of Larose (1939)
The Destroyer (1939) - short story in anthology
The House on the Fens (1940)
The Tragedy of the Silver Moon (1940)
The Beachy Head Murder (1941)
His Prey Was Man (1942)
The Mystery of Fell Castle (1944)
The Man of Death (1945)
The Unfolding Years (1947)
The Dark Mill Stream (1947)
The House With the High Wall (1948)
The Storm Breaks (1949)
The Silent Dead (1950)
The Vaults of Blackarden Castle (1950)
Marauders by Night (1951)
Night and Fog (1951)
Crime Upon Crime (1952)