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Bronwyn Parry Book List


Bronwyn was awarded the 2007 Golden Heart Award by the Romance Writers of America for her manuscript titled 'Falling Into Darkness'. This manuscript eventually became her first published novel As Darkness Falls. She also won the Romance Writers of Australia Single and Loving It (STALI) Contest in 2005. Bronwyn has an honours degree in History and English and twelve years in senior professional development positions. She lives in country NSW.

Dungirri series

The books in this series are all set in the town of Dungirri, characters differ across the books

As Darkness Falls (2008)
Dark Country (2009)
Darkening Skies (2013)
Dear Ruth (2013) [novella]
The North Wind (2016) [novella]

Goodabri series

These books are set in national parks around a community called Goodabri

Dead Heat (2012)
At Hell's Gate (2017)

Hartdale Brides series

A historical romance series

The Clothier's Daughter (2019)