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Catherine Jinks was born in Brisbane in 1963. She grew up in Papua New Guinea and later spent four years studying medieval history at the University of Sydney. She is an accomplished writer and is very much in demand as a speaker and writer-in-residence at schools, where she conducts mini-workshops. In her free time, Catherine also illustrates and incorporates this skill, as well as music, into her workshops. As well as her adult crime novels, Catherine has also written numerous children's books. You will find all of her books presented on her website.

Stand Alone

An Evening with Messiah (1996)
Little White Secrets (1997)
The Notary (2000)
The Inquisitor (2000)
The Road (2004)
The Secret Familiar (2006)
The Dark Mountain (2008)
Shepherd (2019)

Shelter (2021)