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Claire McNab Book List


Claire McNab is the pseudonym of Claire Carmichael and she was once a high school teacher in Sydney. She moved to the United States in 1994. She has served as the president of Sisters in Crime and is a member of both the Mystery Writers of America and the Science Fiction Writers of America. She lives in Los Angeles.

Carol Ashton series

Detective Inspector Carol Ashton in Sydney, Australia

Lessons In Murder (1989)
Fatal Reunion (1989)
Death Down Under (1990)
Cop Out (1991)
Dead Certain (1992)
Body Guard (1994)
Double Bluff (1995)
Inner Circle (1996)
Chain Letter (1997)
Past Due (1998)
Set Up (1999)
Under Suspicion (2000)
Death Club (2001)
Accidental Murder (2002)
Blood Link (2003)
Fall Guy (2004)
Lethal Care (2010) (with Katherine V Forrest)

Denise Cleever series

Denise Cleever is an undercover agent

Murder Undercover (1999)
Death Understood (2000)
Out of Sight (2001)
Recognition Factor (2003)
Death by Death (2003)
Murder at Random (2005)

Kylie Kendall series

Kylie Kendall inherits a private detective agency and moves from outback Australia to Los Angeles to take up the job

The Wombat Strategy (2004)
Kookaburra Gambit (2005)
The Quokka Question (2005)
The Dingo Dilemma (2006)
Platypus Ploy (2007)

Stand Alone

Off Key (1992)
Under the Southern Cross (1992)
Silent Heart (1993)
Writing My Love (2006)
Aspects of the Heart (2009)