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Colin Falconer Book List


Colin Falconer is the pseudonym of Colin Bowles. Born in North London he now lives in a small West Australian town. When not there he is travelling the world researching for the next project. As well as his crime fiction, which are listed below, Colin has written books of satirical fiction, non-fiction, historical romance and children's books.

Opium series

The series charts the progress of the drug trade in Indochina

Opium (1994)
Air Opium (2013)
Chasing the Dragon (2013)
Eye of the Tiger (2013)
Godless (2013)

Madeleine Fox series

A detective inspector series set in London, England

Rough Justice (1999)
The Certainty of Doing Evil (2000)

William Shakespeare Detective Agency series

Detective series set in Elizabethan times

The School of Night (2014)
The Dark Lady (2015)

Charlie George series

Detective Inspector Charlie George in a North London cop

Lucifer Falls (2018)
Innocence Dies (2019)
Angels Weep (2020)
Cry Justice (2021)

Stand Alone

Venom (1989)
Deathwatch (1991)