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Colleen McCullough Book List


Colleen McCullough was born in western New South Wales in 1937. In 1974, her first novel. Tim, was published in New York, followed by the bestselling The Thorn Birds in 1977 and a string of successful novels. In 1980 she settled in Norfolk Island where she lived with her husband Ric Robinson. Since 2006 when On, Off was published a series has been built around the fictional town of Holloman, Connecticut featuring police lieutenant Carmine Delmonico. 

Carmine Delmonico series

Carmine Delmonico is a police lieutenant in Connecticut

On, Off (2005)
Too Many Murders (2009)
Naked Cruelty (2010)
The Prodigal Son (2012)
Sins of the Flesh (2013) apa Old Sins, Long

Non-Crime Novels

Masters of Rome series

The First Man in Rome (1990)
The Grass Crown (1991)
Fortune's Favourites (1993)
Caesar's Women (1995)
Caesar (1997)
The October Horse (2002)
Antony and Cleopatra (2007)

Stand Alone

Tim (1974)
The Thorn Birds (1977)
An Indecent Obsession (1981)
A Creed for the Third Millennium (1985)
The Ladies of Missalonghi (1987)
The Song of Troy (1998)
Morgan's Run (2000)
The Touch (2003)
Angel (2004)
The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet (2008)
Bittersweet (2013)