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David Rollins Book List


David is a former advertising creative director who lives in Sydney. His books to date have been high-powered thrillers filled with the kind of political intrigue that we can all relate to with the grip of terrorist threats that reign in today's world. His protagonist in the first 2 books is Sergeant Tom Wilkes of the Australian Special Air Service. The Death Trust introduces a different kettle of fish by the name of Vin Cooper. David's sixth book, The Zero Option, is a stand-alone thriller that is a departure from the Vin Cooper series and, according to the author, is his best work yet.

Tom Wilkes series

Sergeant Tom Wilkes is an Australian Special Air Service team leader

Rogue Element (2003)
Sword of Allah (2004)

Vin Cooper series

Special Agent Vin Cooper of the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations

The Death Trust (2005)
A Knife Edge (2006)
Hard Rain (2008)
Ghost Watch (2010)
Warlord (2012)
Standoff (2013)
Kingdom Come (2018)

Stand Alone

The Zero Option (2009)
Field of Mars (2015)