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Fiona McIntosh Book List


Fiona has written novels in a number of different genres including the fantasy realm, historical saga, children's and the crime genre. Her first book, Bye, Bye Baby was first published under the pseudonym Lauren Crow before it was republished. While meeting the demands of publishers and readers in each of the genres in which she writes, Fiona does a lot of travelling and, in between times, lives in South Australia.

Jack Hawksworth series

DCI Jack Hawksworth is a Scotland Yard detective

Bye Bye Baby (2007) (Writing as Lauren Crow)
Beautiful Death (2009)


Betrayal (2001)
Revenge (2002)
Destiny (2002)
Myrren's Gift (2005)
Blood and Memory (2004)
Bridge of Souls (2004)
Odalisque (2005)
Emissary (2007)
Goddess (2008)
Royal Exile (2008)
Tyrant's Blood (2009)
King's Wrath (2010)
The Whisperer (2009)
The Rumpelgeist (2012)
The Lavender Keeper (2012)
The French Promise (2014)
Fields of Gold (2010)
The Scrivener's Tale (2013)
The Tailor's Girl (2013)
Nightingale (2014)
The Last Dance (2015)
The Perfumer's Secret (2016)
The Chocolate Tin (2016)
The Tea Gardens (2017)
The Pearl Thief (2018)
The Diamond Hunter (2019)
The Champagne War (2020)